Life Story

Dakalo Eipact Mulima (born 29 June 1993) was a well respected postgraduate, mentor, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Smart Technology (Pty) Ltd. He was the firth - and last born child - of Mr and Mrs Mulima.

He passed away on May 2016 in a tragic fatal motor vehicle accident that claimed the lives of several other students and motorists. He, along with others in transit, were traveling from a church conference.

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Schooling and education

From childhood, Dakalo had an innate inclination to learn and gather information. He loved schooling and learning. He attended St Scholatica Primary School and then progressed to Mulima Secondary School where he matriculated with many distinctions.

He pursued his relentless quest for excellence by obtaining a double major BSc Degree in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Statistics. This year, in March 2016, he obtained his BSc Hons Degree in Actuarial Science. Both scarce skills qualifications were from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). He was writing his board examinations to be a qualified actuary at the time of his passing. 

In the community and about
To those who knew him personally, he lit up their lives. He was a gentle, soft spoken, humble man who loved Jesus Christ. His faith in God and love for his family and friends were not just exemplary, but kept him - and those who loved him - going. He was hardworking and had a passion for community outreach programs, particularly those that promoted equal education opportunities for all people. 

He volunteered in various capacities, including being the Chairperson of the Faculty of Best Advisory Wits branch, an NGO aimed at providing information about tertiary institutions and bursary opportunities to those who may not have direct access to them; hence creating an environment where learners make informed decision about their future career. His career choice had assisted him in the development of skills and knowledge in business operations and financial management.

At home and beyond
To his family; he was the apple of their eye. A reliable and loving son. Although he did not speak a lot, his deeds spoke on his behalf. He was the type of brother, uncle and cousin who was downright loving, faithful and warm. Pastors, neighbors, friends, teachers, lecturers, educators and others in and outside of the community, describe him as loving, reliable, encouraging and motivational.

At the time of his passing, he was reading a couple of finance related motivational books and giving his all to grow his career at the job where he had started about three months ago. This hardworking, God-fearing man pressed on and ran the race of life, up until he was recalled back to God. He ran the good race and gave it his all. His smile, big and generous heart that lifted others up has left a void. All of him is greatly missed, until we meet in again in our eternal home, never to die again.

May his soul rest in peace.

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