Welcome to Dakalo Mulima's Last Diary!

This website is set up as a loving reminder of Dakalo Mulima (1993 - 2016). To know him was to love him. This platform is like a space where we can light a candle. It is testament to hope - founded on Jesus Christ - that cannot and will not die. 

We'd love it if you can contribute to his "last diary" on earth by posting in the Guestbook. You are invited to share links and/or invite your loved ones to contribute to this love letter so that we can continue to flip the pages and let the story continue. Your presence here today is healing. Once again, you are thanked for walking this journey with us.

There's an African proverb that states that rain does not fall on one roof alone. It is with this in mind that we ask you to spare a thought not just to the Mulima family, but to others who are also going through a valley. Together, we can fortify feeble knees and sing again, never to be silenced. 

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